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GRAFFITI ART - Use graffiti as a wall decoration

Looking for an unexpected dose of excitement to your home? Then this is the time to revamp your walls and give them the graffiti they deserve!

We all know that “Graffiti” is a popular art form and today homeowners are hiring designers to infuse this art form into modern interiors. Whether you want to go for simple stencil-style creations or more intricate and vibrant hip-hop-inspired motifs, graffiti make a style statement that is both fashionable and attractive!

And graffiti designers are finding different ways to incorporate this art into traditional homes as well without actually disturbing the existing vibe of the dwelling. Graffiti has the power to add creative appeal to your home. Below are some stylish graffiti home décor ideas

Trendy Bedrooms

Very few of us wants to experiment graffiti patterns in the living room and the kitchen, as most of us tend to choose graffiti add-ons in the bedroom.  The choice is logical, as we tend to express ourselves in the most unchanged fashion when we are surrounded by a peaceful, personal shelter!

Modern bedroom walls truly come blooming with graffiti, and obviously, kids’ bedrooms look even more fashionable, thanks to this brilliant addition. Everything from simple spray paint to elaborate hand-painted paintings can help usher in the graffiti touch. Remember, graffiti is all about self-expression, and original graffiti work always makes the most impact!

Switch between Shades and Styles

Most often a new design, a color trend or popular pattern might look great in isolation but could seem clumsy and out of place in your own abode. In case you have the fear of experimenting with graffiti, why not embrace some wall art pieces or some home décor accessories that bring in graffiti in a less permanent way?

Go for a framed graffiti piece and use it in combination with more subdued elements, so as not to overpower the room.

Modern Colorful Reinterpretations

Graffiti is an energetic art form that has developed over eras. Long before artists use to leave their mark by scratching into a sculpture, and the present generation of interior designers is taking this forward by bringing a new twist to graffiti. You can now add iconic graffiti patterns to your bathroom and kitchen.

Up cycling old furniture

Graffiti is a fantastic idea for revamping your old furniture because it can infuse almost any old piece with pure vibrant boldness. Even an old dresser could become a young adult’s favorite piece of trendy furniture. Graffiti is all about experimenting with color, creativity, and character to drab urban environments. It is a powerful art form for expression; so powerful graffiti in an apartment can easily draw the eye and dominate the complete room.