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A Modern & Customizable Solution

Wall murals are wallpaper’s contemporary and customizable counterpart. Unlike wallpaper, wall murals can be altered to fit your design needs. Personalize your mural with a name or business logo, change the colors, crop or extend the image, add design elements – the sky’s the limit! You even have the option to use your own artwork or photograph. Whether it’s a family photo, a portrait of a beloved pet, or a business logo, you can create a personalized wall mural that will make a lasting impression.

Sized to Fit Your Space

Every wall and every room is different, so why settle for only a few size options? Because they are printed on demand, you can choose the size of wall mural you need and be rest assured it will perfectly fit your space.

Wallpaper, on the other hand, comes in preprinted rolls of a defined size. To ensure you have enough to fit your desired space, you must calculate how many rolls you will need. Another difference between the two are panel sizes; wall murals are printed on 52” wide panels, making it faster and cheaper to install compared to standard 25” wallpaper rolls

Easy to Remove

Time for a new wall mural or want to makeover your space? Modern wall murals are not the same glued-on-forever wallpapers that so many people recall and dread. New technology and better materials make removing wall murals so simple. No scraping, steaming, damaged walls, or headaches here!

Wallpaper and wall murals aren’t too different; both wall coverings give off a “wow” factor and add some serious style to any space. But given the benefits of wall murals, it’s safe to say they’re the way to go!